Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update via email to Jen

Can't believe the weekend is over already! Only 2 days left here. Can't believe it. I asked Daddy if he was thoroughly thawed and I think we both are. I can't get over how warm the water is. There is not difference in temp between air and water. Heavenly! We have burnt badly twice. Can't seem to help it no matter how careful we are. We gave it a rest today and watched the superbowl from the pool today. What a kick. Only the Americans gave a lick. There was bingo played the first half hour so we couldn't hear the TV. Bingo - Superbowl :) Most guests here are from Aus. and New Zealand and England. It's been very fun to meet people. We go on a day trip tomorrow to another island for swimming and snorkeling. Wish our backs luck. I think we'll be going in with T shirts on - at least.

Older notes:
yesterday we took a raft trip down the Nuevua river. I donated my glasses to yet another exotic river and now am running around half blind. We will try to find some reading glasses this afternoon. I missed a deep sea fishong trip because of this. I am now in the pealing stage af a tan.

We just stayed close to home and out of the sun for the most part to give our skin a break. Looked at all the resorts between here and the port. Pretty impressive. Then read and slept the afternoon away. Tomorrow is the river trip. We leave at 5:30 AM....we can do it! Looking forward to it. Daddy's back hurts - UGH. Tell the kids we dug little tiny clams on the beach in the dark :) let them clean themselves in clean water overnight and ate them for supper - YUM!

We went to a small island yesterday to go snorkeling. We walked around it in 10 minutes, Clear around it! We were not as careful as we should have been and are both toasted. Laurel has the lips of Angolie Jolie! Tomorrow we are supposed to raft the "grand canyon" of Fiji. We are thinking of renting a car to go to some other beaches. The scooter was fun but we couldn't carry any thing. Still lots of honking when I drive! I love my friends!

Yes, We are having a good time. It is sooooooo warm - and the water is like bathwater. Unbelievable! The water is cloudy here at the resort - just as they had predicted. Doesn't stop me - the temperature is fabulous. We go on a full day jaunt tomorrow to another island where the snorkeling is supposed to be good. Yesterday we arrived at 5:30 and did our best to stay awake all day. We caught the local but in to town to get groceries and take a look around. The bus was thoroughly air conditioned - open to the air:) Came back to the resort to read and lounge and swim. BBQ chicken and local veggies for dinner. Today we rented a scooter, explored the marina, and went down the road a ways. Went to the butcher on the way home to buy steak. Back to the lawn chairs and water and books and naps :) It's unbelievably hot in the afternoon. I brought a sweater?!! We've only gotten slightly sunburned.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

We're Off!!!

Our journey began with a layover in Portland. Jen picked us up at 5:21am! Took us home for coffee and breakfast with Beth and Paul, Coleen and Brenna, and Nana! What a way to start. More soon...